Let It Rain

Let the rain extinguish the flames of my burning rage I have for you. I would rather still be intact before I turn to ash. -I don't want to be angry anymore


Another Beautiful Day

I used to always tell you that you're my whole world. But when you left, you didn't destroy it. My world is still intact. It's sunny with clear skies. It's just another day, as before and after you.

Opening up to you

You open me up with such delicacy, As I become an open book for you. Carefully and attentively, you read every detail about me. I would lazily be laying there open for you with such content and serenity. I just want your focus on me that's all, even if your reading my insecurities and flaws.... Continue Reading →

New Love

It’s scary but exciting To start over To love again is being hopeful Learning new things from one another A new chapter A new love It’s scary but I’m happy Let’s see what’s in store for us. -For the new man in my life

A New Flower

You may have plucked all of my petals from me, but my roots stay firmed unto the ground. You may have took away something you once considered beautiful from me, but I bloomed into something far more exquisite than what you anticipated.    

Sex is a game

Sex is now a game for which all of you can play, there’s no one to blame, which is all I can say who can relate? from all of this pain? which is too late, there's nothing to gain.

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