About Me


Professional Reader  10 Book Reviews



My name is Sarahi (you can try to pronounce it but if you can’t just call me Sarah for short lol). I am 26 years old and reading is my top hobby.

What personality do I have?

  • I’m too kind
  • I’m a nurturer
  • People say I’m humble but I don’t believe it
  • I’m an introvert

What I like to do:

  • Like to read
  • Like to write on my journal and write poetry
  • Like to drink tea and or lattes
  • Like to binge on Netflix
  • Like to run

Majority of my books I review are all paid by me. I sometimes do reviews now and then for a publishing company and I enjoy it because some books are a different genre and authors I’ve never heard from so its great to read something new.