The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag

Hi everyone! I thought today would be a great day to post a book tag. I saw this in Yna blog and I wanted to do it! I honestly don't know who created this book tag but it seems like an awesome tag. So hope you like my answers lol What do you like about… Continue reading The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag


My May Wrap-Up

Hello Everyone! I know this is a late post since we are in the middle of the month, but I do want to be consistent with my Wrap-Up on my blog. So in total I have read 6 books for the month of May. In my opinion, that not bad at all. As long as… Continue reading My May Wrap-Up


How to get Books during quarantine

Hi everyone! Under government’s orders, we are to be quarantine. That means we cannot be socially gathering in public. It’s best to just stay home and just wait until they say it’s safe. I don’t think it’s that hard right? Hmm wrong. The majority of the people are outgoing and love going out. It’s a… Continue reading How to get Books during quarantine

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Thief River Falls by Brian Freeman

No matter how hard she tried to get away, the town clung to her like a hawk with prey. Synopsis Lisa Power is a tortured ghost of her former self. The author of a bestselling thriller called Thief River Falls, named after her rural Minnesota hometown, Lisa is secluded in her remote house as she… Continue reading Thief River Falls by Brian Freeman

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Children of the Land by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

You were not a ghost even though an entire country was scared of you. No one in this story was a ghost. This was not a story. Synopsis When Marcelo Hernandez Castillo was five years old and his family was preparing to cross the border between Mexico and the United States, he suffered temporary, stress-induced… Continue reading Children of the Land by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo


The Netflix Book Tag

Hello everyone! I saw this book tag going around the blog community and I wanted to give it a go, so here it is... Recently watched- The last book you finished I barely finished an audiobook called, The Children of the Land, a memoir by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo. Review to come 🙂 2. Top Picks-… Continue reading The Netflix Book Tag

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The Red Lotus by Chris Bohjalian

"Trust your instincts. We are animals, and we have instincts for a reason." Synopsis An American man vanishes on a rural road in Vietnam, and his girlfriend, an emergency room doctor, trained to ask questions, follows a path that leads her home to the very hospital where they met. The first time Alexis saw Austin,… Continue reading The Red Lotus by Chris Bohjalian