The Taxidermist’s Lover by Polly Hall (Blogmas Day 15)

“Each creature had their own unique signature; they all seemed to know their own place in the scheme of things. I longed for that certainty. That was how I became sure that when feathers were ruffled, dead did not always mean dead.”



When Scarlett meets taxidermist Henry, a passionate love affair commences. One year later, on Christmas Day, Scarlett recalls the ebb and flow of their intense relationship and tries to unravel her obsession with Henry’s taxidermy creatures and the influence of his rival, Felix. Both enchanted and entrapped by the isolated rural environment on the Somerset moorland she calls home, Scarlett reaches out to her only remaining family, twin brother Rhett, to make sense of the secrets they share. Soon Scarlett realizes that past promises have far reaching consequences.

Drenched in the torrential rains of rural South West England and the sensual pleasures of the characters, The Taxidermist’s Lover, lures you ever deeper into Scarlett’s delightfully eerie world.


This weird and dark novel will make you cringe and make you feel very out of place after reading it lol.

First things first, wow. This is a very completely different type of horror I haven’t encountered. Gives me the Frankenstein type of vibes. Second thing is, WTH.

I found this novel disturbing when realizing what happened tot he main character Scarlett. She obviously loves this taxidermist and it’s very weird disturbing type of love. I think she loved him for the what he did for a living. Well he’s odd and so is she so that makes them the perfect couple lol.

The novel really goes on on how she explains his love for him and it kind of felt repetitive in my opinion. However, something was keeping me from continuing with this book. Something was haunting her and it wasn’t giving her any peace of mind.

Despite her obsessively talking her love for Henry, this book was good. It had some dark and creepy elements and of course it was kinda hard to envision such creatures. If you like weird and dark sh*t this book is it for you lol. I give it 4 out of 5 stars because it definitely creeped the heck out of me but not totally for me to give 5 lol 😂

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