The Bedtime Book Tag

Hi everyone!

I was checking out everyone’s blog posts today and I happen to catch this tag from  Little Haze Book Blog and just wanted to do it because it looks entertaining.

What Book Kept You Up All Night Reading?

All of the books by Taylor Jenkins Reid. She’s definitely my favorite author other than Stephen King. All her books are mind blowing and keep me wanting more.

What Book Made You Scared To Go To Sleep?

I don’t have a book that has scared me from not going to sleep. I read them like bed time stories and sleep like a baby lol.

What Book Almost Put You To Sleep?

Anything big and long will definitely put me to sleep. I would just get overwhelm by the thickness of the book I would just lose focus and get easily distracted and I would just fall asleep.

Which Book Had You Tossing And Turning In Anticipation Of It’s Release?

Anything related to Stephen King, Taylor Jenkins Reid, and Colleen Hoover is a must have! I dream a little dream I get my hands on them (me singing lol).

What Book Has Your Dream Boyfriend?

I don’t actually have one. I prefer my real one because he’s real lol.

What book Would Be A Nightmare To Live In?

Well that’s definitely all the books of King’s Lol. You wouldn’t wanna be in there trust me.

What Book Reminds You Of Nighttime?

Hmmm Dracula? Lol I mean because he’s a vampire. Makes sense don’t it?

What Book Has A Nightmarish Cliffhanger?

I would say The Handmaid’s Tale. I couldn’t stop thinking of it for months!!

What Book Have You Actually Dreamt About?

I’m gonna say The Daughter Of Smoke & Bone. Karou’s blue hair just kept popping into my head especially in my dreams lol.

What Fictional Monster Would You Not Like To Find Hiding Under Your Bed?

Pennywise. He better stay in that nasty sewer cause I know my dumbass is gullible to get eaten.


That’s all the questions. This was fun. Everyone reading this tag should participate! 


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