Blogtober Day 16| Five Reasons I Love Reading Tag

Hello my Ghoulish friends 🎃

I have seen this tag around the blogging community. I believe it’s The Bookish Chick who created this tag. I think this is a great way to share and explain why you love reading.


1. It’s an escape from reality.

It’s a great way to clear your mind by reading from something that makes you forget about the real world.

2. Exaggerating Drama

The plot twists and drama of the characters are so good to resist. I know it’s fake but it’s pretty entertaining.

3. Characters become close to you

You start to compare yourself to a character from the book and it makes you feel not alone. Idk if some will understand this but sometimes you feel attached to that fictional character.

4. New words

Just reading you will discover new words and that’s how you build up your vocabulary. Stay classy, read more books 😉

5. Support Authors

Purchasing a book is also a way of showing support to authors. You got to give them props for writing a magnificent story and wanting to share it with everyone.

Well those are my  5 main reasons I love reading. What’s yours? Share and comment below. Stay spooky my friends 🎃

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