Loveish by Sakshi Narula

I am the sun the brightest star in the universe only I can set fire to your darkness and melt the winters of your cold heart



Loveish is Sakshi’s debut poetry collection. Its a collection of poems about love, well something like it . The book weaves a story about a relationship that feels like the one true love, has moments as passionate and intense like it but ultimately ends in an inconsolable heartbreak. It is about relationships that are not straightforward and linear but complex; relationships that are not exactly based on love or lust but are kinda loveish. The book takes you on a journey of the utopia of love, the ecstacy of lust, the tireless pursuit of a relationship that is loveish, the pain of an inconsolable heartbreak and the unbearable silence of loss expressed beautifully through poetry.


I came across this ebook from kindle unlimited and I’m all for reading poetry from unknown poets.

 Everyone has their own perspective of how love is and how it feels when broken hearted. This collection of poems were on point. It gave me a hint of nostalgia when I first fell in love. Brings back the good times when I was naive and in love. I enjoyed the imagery and the passion Sakshi put into her poems. It’s written beautifully and crafted with emotion. If you’re looking to read some poetry, you should look into reading Loveish. This is a four star review.

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